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The Mad Ramblings of an Overworked Researcher

Our place in the universe is never assured

Currently living, breathing, working and playing in good old Melbourne. Have lived in a fair few areas of Australia and travelled all around it, except for Tassie, which I've never been to. Should really go there one day. Supposed to be nice. May be a tad to cold :)

I was born in the year of the goat and done the primary school, high school, uni and post grad thing. Currently work as a researcher and discovering the vast difference between clinical and academia.

I also love writing, and am into fanfic at the moment, especially for Doctor Who, Sherlock and Dexter but also love the classics of X-files and Twin peaks.

Also a massive tea freak with about 4 different jars on the go. These include chai, Melbourne breakfast and Buddha tears. I am tannin-ed up and ready to go!